Happy family!

Whooooah what a weekend! Our Zuellla is CHARTcorowa Majówka Winner – 1/9 CACIL & CCWC – Zuella finished Polish Racing Championship as the first Italian Sighthound in Poland!!!


Zuella the best again

Last weekend our ZUELLA again was the best italian greyhound on coursing – we had 13 IGs on start. Zula is CHARTcorowy Halloween Coursing 2015 winner and in general she was second BEST IN FIELD just under the whippet – this year European Coursing Champion.


Moravia Championship

Last saturday we spent on coursing event in Czech Rep. Our Fifi had her debut on the parkour and she finished at 6/12 place. She is running really good. Zuella even better – 5/12.

mistrz polski w coursingu

Polish Lure Coursing Champion

Zuella is the winner of Polish Lure Coursing Championship! So from now she has another title – Polish Lure Coursing Champion 2015. She also got another CACIL and CCWC – so she started her way to get Polish Race Champion title.


Zuella’s back

Zuella won first place (1/6) and got CACIL, hungarian CACL and was BEST IN FIELD!! After this coursing she fulfilled all conditions to get the C.I.C title! (International Race Champion) We are so proud of this little girl. It was the first competition for Zuella after almost 10 months break.

wyścigi chartów

Poznan Championship

Yesterday in Mechlin” Fifi got her coursing license! Soon she will take part in her first competition. She is our third licensed IG! Also our youngest Italian greyhound – Chartbeat RHUMBA WITH RABBIT – had really nice trainig run.


CHARTcorowa Majowka

What a weekend! Wee took part in organisation of coursing event. Our girls also took part of the event. LUNA took sixth place (6/7) and other girls had really nice speed in SPEED MASTER competition: Dżema – 45,1 km/h – best female result!

Coursing in Brno

We had an amazing weekend in Czech Rep. Our tiny italian greyhound – LUNA LUCRETIA Quindici took part of her first coursing competition. She finish at 11/14 place. She was very brave, enthusiastic but she needs more speed.


CHARTcorowy Halloween

Last weekend we spent on Halloween coursing in Borki Wielkie. ZUELLA Gorzowska Panorama won!! She was 1/3 with 343 pts. After this event she also is on the second place in european coursing ranking.

wyścigi chartów

V4Cup final

ZUELLA came back from Hungary with the 4VCup Lure Coursing Trophy Winner 2014 title! Our beloved girl was fighting in six coursings in four different countries. On the last one in Alsonemedi in Hungary Zula was on the second place.

mistrzyni czech

Czech Rep. Coursing Champion!

CHARTbeat team came back from Ptýrov! ZUELLA Gorzowska Panorama is Czech Republic Coursing Champion 2014! After the first run she was fourth, but a small difference in points. Second run was perfect – a long distance that is what she loves!