CHARTcorowy Halloween

Last weekend we spent on Halloween coursing in Borki Wielkie. ZUELLA Gorzowska Panorama won!! She was 1/3 with 343 pts. After this event she also is on the second place in european coursing ranking.

wyścigi chartów

V4Cup final

ZUELLA came back from Hungary with the 4VCup Lure Coursing Trophy Winner 2014 title! Our beloved girl was fighting in six coursings in four different countries. On the last one in Alsonemedi in Hungary Zula was on the second place.

mistrzyni czech

Czech Rep. Coursing Champion!

CHARTbeat team came back from Ptýrov! ZUELLA Gorzowska Panorama is Czech Republic Coursing Champion 2014! After the first run she was fourth, but a small difference in points. Second run was perfect – a long distance that is what she loves!

Polish Coursing Championship

After two beautiful runs ZUELLA finished International Polish Lure Coursing Championship on 4th place. We are so happy to have coursing licence for LUNA LUCRETIA – our smallest italian greyhound. DZEMA had also very, very nice show run.

Grand Prix Bratislava

ZUELLA Gorzowska Panorama – our beloved sporty girl did amazing work on Saturday. She was the youngest IG female (8) and she won the first place on Grand Prix Bratislava – V4Cup International Coursing! Got her first CACIL and CACT ♡ She got coursing licence barely 4 months ago.


Coursing V4Cup Rejviz

We spent a wonderful weekend Rejviz (Czech Rep.). ZUELLA Gorzowska Panorama on Gadův Memoriál V4Cup CACIL coursing won first place with a score of 533 points. All italian greyhounds showed really great runs for a long, 700m distance. CHARTbeat team is so proud again 😉

charcik włoski wyścigi terenowe

Coursing Austria

We are back from coursing in Ottenschlag (Austria). ZUELLA was third. She lost the lure in first run, but second round was wonderful. Despite the scary-looking fall, nothing bad happened. We are happy that we could run with experienced italian greyhounds.

FCI European Coursing Championship

We are over the moon! We came back from FCI European Coursing Championship 2014 Lavarone (Italy). ZUELLA is 3rd in Europe!!! It is a great success for us. Parkour was hard and the weather was awful, but Zula showed two great runs. It was incredibly exciting moment in our life.

coursing charcik

Poznan Championship

Our racing ZUELLA again confirmed that italian greyhounds are borned for running. Great second run with sprinter also showed her excellent fit – she had enough power to run for the third time as a sparring partner in the licence run! ZUELLA – Poznan Coursing Champion 2014 – ended the coursing with the best result so far 358 points.

coursing charcik


It was really great coursing weekend for us! ZUELLA had two amazing runs and was 3rd in general (among 46 dogs). She got 345 pts. She also achieved IG SPEED MASTER title, reaching 45,24 km/h!